our focus

Our focus is improving health in our community. We work with local partners to connect all of our residents to healthy opportunities. In addition, we create more opportunities so that health is more accessible for all.

Our Mission

We collaborate to increase the health and well-being of our community by improving policies and systems, enhancing the physical environment, and building an inclusive culture where every resident feels heard and connected.

OUR visioN

We envision a healthy community where every resident will enjoy daily access to good nutrition and physical activity. 

Our Focus Areas: 2016-2018


Create Red Wing’s first Community Report Card

Red Wing’s first Community Report Card was published earlier this year. While the report shows important statistics, it also highlights stories about our neighbors. Because it includes different types of information, it’s a great way to understand the ‘big-picture’ of where we are in Red Wing. Furthermore, our focus is on nine categories, including housing, the economy, lifelong learning, public safety, and more.


Implement a Health, Equity, and Excellence in All Policies framework (HEEAP)

While much of our work focuses on visible community programs, much of our work is behind-the-scenes too. This framework helps to ensure new policies are taking multiple points of view into account throughout the process. In addition, this work has helped bring a Racial Equity Work Plan into the City of Red Wing.


work with our latino neighborhoods

We’ve continued to connect with our Hispanic Community, so we can build important connections across social barriers. In fact, this includes a new Latino Leadership program that ran earlier this year.


Partner with the Hunger Free Kids Network

In order to increase student participation in healthy school breakfasts and expand the summer lunch program we work with and amplify the Hunger Free Kids Network. In addition, we broaden community awareness about hunger and health disparities in Red Wing.

Expand our Open Your Front Door campaign

We have continued to help everyone knows the free or low-cost ways to get active and eat healthy. Find out more about local walking routes.