our focus

Our focus is improving health in our community. We work with local partners to connect all of our residents to healthy opportunities. In addition, we create more opportunities so that health is more accessible for all.

Our Mission

We collaborate to increase the health and well-being of our community by improving policies and systems, enhancing the physical environment, and building an inclusive culture where every resident feels heard and connected.

OUR visioN

We envision a healthy community where every resident will enjoy daily access to good nutrition and physical activity. 

Our Focus Areas: 2020


community engagement

We envision a healthy community where everyone feels heard and connected. Also, we believe residents know their neighborhoods and tell their stories better than anyone else. So with those two things in mind, we’re leading important projects that keep all of our voices front and center: If This Bluff Could Talk and a special project at Bluff View Park. For these projects, our focus is on amplifying resident voices to create a community where everyone has a say in their future. In addition, these efforts help us see and remove health inequities in our city.


Partner with the Hunger Free Kids Network

In order to increase student participation in healthy school breakfasts and expand the summer lunch program we work with and amplify the Hunger Free Kids Network. In addition, we broaden community awareness about hunger and health disparities in Red Wing.


healthy opportunities for all

We believe that everyone in Red Wing deserves daily access to physical activity and good nutrition. On our website, Facebook page, and Instagram account (@livehealthy.redwing) we connect you to great opportunities to get, stay, and be healthy.

Of course, you can explore this website for plenty of healthy living resources. In addition, our neighborhood walking maps are available downtown and online. Also, make sure to catch our weekly Fit Tips in the Republican Eagle! Perhaps more importantly, we continue to improve child health and nutrition through our work with the Hunger Free Kids Network and the Bus Stop & Walk program.