At Live Healthy Red Wing, we believe that all residents deserve access to physical activity and nutrition, every single day. Furthermore, we know that it takes a network of people to make positive change possible. Because this connects everything we do, we collaborate with many local partners to bring the healthiest future possible to our home.


We’re looking for a community engagement specialist to facilitate a conversation in an underserved neighborhood around community ownership of a nearby park. The park will be renovated in spring 2019, and we want to amplify the voices of nearby residents throughout the entire process. Click here to learn more and to apply.

Our Focus

What does ‘health’ mean to you? Learn how we’re expanding our definition of health through 2018.

community connections

After holding surveys over the past few years, to listen and learn what issues our Hispanic neighbors are facing, plans are starting to take shape. Due to what we learned, LHRW, Hispanic Outreach, and HACER organized a Latino Leadership Training Program earlier this year. Through the program, six emerging young leaders are developing concrete plans to build local change in their neighborhoods.

Above: 2018 Latino Leadership Program Graduates


Our projects range from community gardens and healthy breakfasts to park renovations, street improvements, and improving local policies. Because of our diverse work, we always have several projects going on at once.