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Stability balls for Sunnyside students. Starting May 2011, Sunnyside students (mostly first graders) have been using stability balls in their classrooms as chairs. Teachers and students report they're fun and keep the energy flowing all day. That means better focus and learning!

Fruits & Veggies for High School Students! High school students can now receive fresh fruits and vegetables before and after school thanks to a partnership between the school district and Econofoods of Red Wing. All fruits & veggies that used to be tossed out are now delivered daily to the high school and given out for free to any student who needs a bite to eat.

Whole Grains for Everyone. Since fall 2010, all school district lunch breads, baked from scratch at Sunnyside Elementary, are prepared with a whole-grain/white-flour mix. Brown rice and whole-grain pastas are also provided in lieu of traditional starches.

Sunnyside Celebrates! Sunnyside School celebrates birthdays with songs, crowns, and special privileges but without the added sweets of birthday treats. Feedback has been positive from kids, teachers, and parents.

No Fryers for Red Wing! Even the French fries are baked. Thanks to Julie Haase and her food service department, the fryers were removed entirely, which means less fat and non-healthy oils in every school lunch.

High School Has More Lunch Options. High school students now have a fruit and veggie bar with eight options every day (including the traditional salad). Two lines provide quick, easy access.

Get Moving in Class! Kindergarten through fifth grade students are doing "Energizer activities" during the day, thanks to Energizer activity sets in every room. Teachers incorporate these 5- to 10-minute activities during learning time to get kids out of their desks and moving while still learning their math, language, social studies, and other subjects.

Walking Wednesdays: Any child who walks or bikes two blocks or more to Sunnyside School gets a sticker from the crossing guard and is eligible to win a t-shirt or other prize from principal Patti Roberts. The number of walkers is increasing, even through the winter months!

Exercise Balls. Teachers at Sunnyside, and a few at Burnside and Twin Bluff, are using exercise balls in their classrooms. Kids love them!

Yoga in Phy Ed. Mrs. Blahnik's K-2 students are liking their new yoga moves. Yeah!