Special morning last spring where EVERY bussed student got to walk to school

Sunnyside School and LHRW held a special Sunnyside Sneakers event May 9, 2014. All busses dropped children at the Athletic Field parking lot one-third mile away. Teachers, staff, fire fighters, Sparky the mascot, and the police chief all walked to school together. Volunteers also greeted regular walkers or families who drive and drop-off at intersections near the school. A great morning of walking for almost every one of Sunnyside’s 500 students!

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for students is of extreme importance nowadays. And in our humble opinion, such kinds of activity will greatly popularize this topic among youngsters.

In turn, this will liberate them, make kids more sociable and easy-going. By achieving this, our children won’t be shy when asking for help anymore. Moreover, asking for help may make them happy.

For example, you turn for help to a college essay writing service. What happens to us when we ask a ghostwriter for college essays to help us? At this moment, at the energetic level, we become closer – our capabilities are connected with their capabilities, and our brain – with their brain. An unpleasant feeling disappears inside us that we are alone and ourselves must fight like a fish on ice, trying to cope with our problems.

Moreover, these problems have ceased to be only ours because part of them – and the associated pain – we pass on to another person. Moreover, we received sympathy – that is, part of the negative feeling that gave us a feeling of tension, deprivation, loneliness, also left – dissolved, and it became easier for us.

How does the person to whom we ask the request react?

First, they ask: “Tell me more,” then, after listening, they either offer real help or say: “All I can do in such a situation is to give you advice.” And this is also of great importance to us: even if you knew everything they told you before, this advice would still be necessary, because it will either confirm your opinion on this matter, or they will give really valuable advice that will point you to the right one.

In any case, the most obvious advantage here is that students find more time for themselves. Also, according to psychologists, fifty percent of the stress that torments a person in a difficult life situation disappears as soon as they start talking about a topic that worries them. The work of psychoanalysts is built on this effect, in sessions where, like in the kitchen of a beloved friend, people talk about their problems or ideas.

Apart from this, by working with an expert, you can improve your writing skills. The specialist will point you to the weaknesses your writing has and help you better them

Paul Farmer
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