Best Neighborhood Hikes

Wonderfully private, secretive trails in spots you normally drive by.

Sand Hill Loop

Summer shade, spring bird song, winter silence, and a golden glitter of yellow in the middle of the city. You won’t believe you’ve driven past it all these years.

Oakwood Cemetery Trail

Inside the cemetery’s limestone gates at the end of East Avenue you’ll find a trail with a secret bench near the pines. When you reach the top, storied tombstones and one of city’s most memorable trees welcome you.

Sumac Trailhead to BTCA

How lucky that the Billings-Tomfohr Conservation Area (BTCA) sits in the middle of multiple neighborhoods and forms the backdrop for Twin Bluff Middle School. From Sumac Drive, you’ll find a wide, friendly access trail up what’s historically known as Coon Hill (probably named after Mr. Kuhn who owned this farming property decades ago). Take a friend – this is worth sharing.

Hay Creek Trail at Featherstone Rd.

The northern section of this paved trail sits secluded near busy Featherstone Road. A nice flat, easy stroll for folks of all ages and abilities. Catch it at either the Featherstone/Tile Drive intersection or the Old West Main/Withers Harbor Drive intersection.

Historical Society Trail

This short, wooded walk is for those who like to explore. (Warning: The trail isn’t pristine; try in spring and fall when it’s not overgrown.) Start from the top at Oak Street or from the middle of the 4th Street stairway. A narrow stretch along the side of the bluff offers a view of Bay Point Park and the river in spring and late fall. It’s a haven you’ve driven by hundreds of times. Try it sometime – not many do.