Downtown Lunchtime Loops

Try our favorites and you’ll be revived for the afternoon!

Historic District Secrets

Halfway along this architectural route with striking historic homes, you can choose to climb the secret Historical Society steps (with a lovely stone bench halfway up and an etched message for history buffs). At the top is a picnic spot and breathtaking view of the river, bluffs, and city.


Just a few minutes’ walk from downtown at the corner of 8th and Bluff Streets, you’ll find the stone-gate entrance to the historic Cow Path – a wooded hike that leads up Memorial Park to one of the most stunning overlooks in the city. Yes, you can do this on an hour lunch break. Bring water and wear your hiking shoes!

Levee Park Loop

Here’s a quick boost of fresh air and river scenery. Don’t miss the Veteran’s Memorial and jester sculpture along the way. Five times around equals a mile!

Sand Hill Circle

For a dose of unexpected nature, this short nature trail in the middle of busy West Avenue is the perfect antidote to a busy workday.