walking – a wonder drug?

Center for Disease Control director Dr. Thomas Frieden thinks so. He has said that walking every day makes you happier and healthier. It also lowers joint pain and boosts your immune system. Furthermore, short walks can lower your risk of breast cancer. Don’t take our word for it. Instead, hear it from the experts at Harvard.

Of course, heading down the same walking routes every day gets dull. Thankfully, we live in a town with plenty to explore. Red Wing has countless routes, parks, and places to see. Maybe tomorrow it’s Downtown. Perhaps this weekend, the Old Fairgrounds or the South Side. By walking new routes each week, you will certainly be healthier. Perhaps even more importantly, you’ll fall in love with new parts of our city.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our free maps and walking routes below.

For paved trails, check out the Hay Creek Trail or the Cannon Valley Trail. For the Hay Creek Trail, there are four miles of paved trails from Red Wing to Hay Creek on the northern part of the trail. Likewise, there are about five miles of paved trails from Zumbrota heading north toward Red Wing.

For the Cannon Valley Trail, the entire main trail connecting Cannon Falls and Red Wing is paved.


Why are we walking?

Our mission is to help every person in Red Wing get a little bit healthier, every single day. Since walking doesn’t take much time or money, we think it’s a great way for all of us to get active. On top of that, we live in a fascinating place, a town full of people, beauty, and stories. Taking walks is a great way to learn more about our home. Discover new walking routes with friends, with family, or by yourself. You’ll love what you find.

Our maps show you tons of walking routes around town. Try the 1.5-mile trip through a historic Red Wing neighborhood. Or instead, take a trip on East 4th Street by the community garden.

By walking new paths, or revisiting old ones, we can learn more about our town while getting healthier, step-by-step.


Good for the heart

We want to build a community where everyone has access to healthy choices, every day. We believe that everyone deserves to live a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, heart disease is the number one cause of death for adults in the US.

Keep your heart strong by taking short walks a few times a week. Walking regularly can help maintain a healthy body weight and build up your bone and muscle strength too.


Walking routes vs. running races

Think if you can’t run a mile it’s not worth it? On the contrary, walking a bit each day provides similar health benefits as running. On top of that, walking can be even better for your long-term health!

Perhaps most importantly, it keeps you healthier, longer. Enjoy every day of your life, step-by-step.


Good for the head

While walking is great for your body, the health benefits don’t stop below the neck. A daily stroll helps you focus on the work you need to get done each day. Contrary to conventional wisdom, taking a short walking break away from the desk or work site can help your work. In fact, in 2014 Stanford found that walking boosts your creativity.


Walk for peace

More than that, it gives you time to slow down. A peaceful moment, outside and on local walking routes, can do great things for your well-being. As more Americans suffer from anxiety and stress our quiet moments are few and far between.

While it won’t solve every problem, walking a bit each day only helps. In fact, it calms down anxious feelings and lowers stress.


Great for your community 

Health means more than just physical fitness. Similarly, a healthy community means more than just a group of people who can run 10k races. It means people who know each other. People you wave to on the sidewalk. People whom you see, and who have your back. After all, the sidewalk, street, or path is the original social network.


Unite more often

Night to Unite is a wonderful local event. Neighbors get together, relax, and talk. If we all spent more time on our local walking routes, we would see each other more often. We would know each other better.

Streets filled with people are less likely to be vandalized, especially if those people know each other. A connected neighborhood is a stronger neighborhood.


connect with local walking routes

Check out our walking routes and find a map that works for you. Our maps are available at many stores in Red Wing. If you see a map stand that is running low, or think of a place you think they should be, contact us. Or, if you know of a place that isn’t covered by our maps, tell us! We want to showcase all the Red Wing has to offer. Let’s get connected. Let’s get moving.

Can walking save the world? Of course not, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.