Hiking Trails

Red Wing has some of the best hiking trails around the midwest. So, let’s explore! Barn Bluff is a great place to start. But, it’s a little tough if you’re new to hiking. If you want a relaxed route, instead try Hay Creek Trails. Of course, the nearby State Park is a great choice too. Another  route is Sand Hill Trail, which is less crowded than some other paths.

While it seems like hiking is hard to do, there are a ton of choices in Red Wing. As a result, any person who wants to explore, can. That’s because in Red Wing, there are hikes for everyone. So no matter what you want to do, Red Wing’s got you covered.

Check out our trails below.You won’t regret it!

discover something new

Because it’s easy, we tend to do the same thing every day.  So, let’s explore new trails!

Do you normally walk the Oakwood loop? Instead, try the Civic Center Trail. If you’re new to the city’s hiking trails, maybe start with this Overlook.The path, while long, shows you great views of Red Wing. Memorial Park is paved too, so more people can enjoy it.


While Red Wing has fantastic walking routes, hiking is another way to see our town. No matter your reason, get moving. Get exploring. We’re lucky to live in a place like Red Wing because it has so much to offer.


Just try it! Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • First of all, go at your own pace.
  • Second, tell someone where you plan to go.
  • Of course, make sure to bring water.
  • Finally, relax and have fun!


See you on the trails, Red Wing!