healthy recipes at home

Great, nutritious dinners at home together can be at 5:00 one night and 8:00 the next. Or try to share breakfast together on the days when a dinner together isn’t an option. Check out these healthy recipes at home to build your recipe list. Aim to share five meals a week to strengthen your family. Learn more at The Family Dinner Project. Try these links to delicious, healthy meals you can put together whether you’re a novice or seasoned chef.


kitchen fit tip – white wine pasta with a twist

Spring. A bright season of renewal, reinvigoration, and refreshment. To celebrate all of us thawing out of our winter doldrums, embrace the season with a healthier twist on a classic pasta. We all love a hearty pasta dish for dinner. However, sometimes traditional pasta can be a bit heavy and overloaded with carbs. This novel recipe combines healthy kale, hearty chickpeas, and delicious white wine with zucchini pasta to turn your favorite pasta dish into the nutritional equivalent of a salad. 

Although the recipe calls for a spiralizer to create your zucchini noodles, many grocery stores these days offer pre-cut zucchini noodles in their stores. We know it seems a little odd, and trust us, we were skeptics at first too. However, once you try these veggie noodles, you’ll understand why they’re becoming more and more popular. Give it a go this spring. You won’t regret it. (recipe credit: Nutritional Natalie).