Quick & easy recipes

Great, nutritious dinners at home together can be at 5:00 one night and 8:00 the next or share breakfast together on days you know dinner together isn’t an option! Aim to share 5 meals a week with your family to strengthen your family. Learn more at The Family Dinner Project!

Try these links to delicious, healthy meals you can put together whether you’re a novice or seasoned chef.

kitchen fit tip of the month – june/july

During the summer, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. While your should always keep your reusable water bottle handy, make sure to stock up on fruits and veggies, which have a ton of water locked inside. Bonus points for orange and red fruits, whose beta-carotene helps protect your skin from the sun.

As always, shop local when you can with the Red Wing Farmer’s Market. Studies show that produce tends to have more nutrients when purchased locally.