Free Range Kids at the Red Wing Library

Free Range Kids

Free Range KidsCheck it out for your Book Club!

Our community book read in spring 2011 was a great success. More than 200 books were purchased or checked out, and Red Wing started a lively dialogue about the issues surrounding children, the outdoors, safety, and independence. If you'd like to read Free Range Kids, you can get multiple copies at the Red Wing Public Library or contact Live Healthy Red Wing at 651-301-0996.


What To Do:

1. Read and discuss with family and friends.

2. Try one or more of the book's "free-range
    baby steps."

Click here to read a preview inside the book.

Or, try the Kindle copy.

Author Lenore Skenazy's blog: Click here

National "Free-Range Kids" Facebook page: Click here

In the Republican Eagle:

Click here to read the main article on "Free-Range Kids" in the Red Wing Republican Eagle.

Want to Spread the Word?

Print out this single-page handout and bring to any group meeting, worksite, or book club and share the information with others.
Or, simply talk about it!

We'll Come to Your Group!

If you would like a member of Live Healthy Red Wing to come to your business, church, organization meeting, book club meeting, or other gathering to lead a "Free-Range Kids" discussion, send a request with possible dates to

Book Questions:

1.  What is something you did in your childhood that allowed you great
     freedom outdoors? Do children still do this today?

2.  When reading the book, when did you say, "I want to try this" and
     "I would never try this"? Why and why not?

3.  If you have wanted to give children more freedom today, or in the
     past, what obstacles or concerns make it difficult?

4.  How can you as a parent, grandparent, neighbor, friend, or resident
     help our children feel comfortable and safe enjoying and exploring the
     outdoors on their own?


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