Rock Climbing

Feeling up for adventure? If so, try our local rock climbing options, whether you’re scaling Barn Bluff or training with a local organization.

If you’re just learning, contact the YMCA or the Environmental Learning Center for tips on how to get started. The YMCA Climbing Wall offers an indoor rock climbing wall that helps people practice before heading out on a bluff or a mountain. The Environmental Learning Center has classes for kids, to get them ready to climb in the future.

However, if you’re a seasoned climber, try the real thing. Check out local icon Barn Bluff, which offers some of the best climbing in the state. We only ask that you remain respectful of the bluff. He Mni Can, as it’s known in Dakota, is a spiritual place for the Dakota community. While we should all get active, we need to be respectful of all members of our community.