holistic Healing

If you’re not seeing results or improvement with traditional medicine, you may want to consider exploring other options. Because it’s not clinically proven, holistic healing should always be used along with recommendations from medical professionals.


physical therapy

ETHOS: Performance Training & Physical Therapy 1499 Hay Creek Valley Road, 651-327-2880


Chiropractic & Acupuncture services

Having persistent joint pain or tension? If so, contact one of these providers to get your bones back on track. Another option to cure stubborn issues is acupuncture. While sometimes misunderstood, acupuncture can help with many problems. The practice can help with joint pain, as well as anxiety or depression too.

Health Within Chiropractor & Acupuncture, 217 Plum St. #150, 651-385-5999

Red Wing Chiropractor Clinic 29218 Highway 58 Blvd     651-388-8294

Center for Natural Healthcare & Sevlie Chiropractic Clinic 1626 West 3rd Street, 651-388-1211

Bluff View Chiropractic Clinic, 421 West 4th Street, 651-488-1481

Innovative Chiropractic Center, 201 East Avenue, 651-448-1481

Dr. Kroll’s Health Solutions Chiropractic and Wellness, 305 Bush Street, 651-388-4378

River Valley Chiropractic, 104 Burnside Avenue South, 651-267-0394

Essential Chiropractic, 122 Tyler Road South, 651-388-8113

Finch Bernie DC, 29218 MN-58 Boulevard, 651-385-0066

Unlimited Chiropractic Red Wing, 2000 Old West Main Street #108, 651-705-6630

Downtown Chiropractic, 212 Fulton Street, 651-388-3212



Feldenkrais uses gentle movements to help you feel stronger and more balanced. While not common right now, the practice is gaining popularity across the midwest. 

Blue Water Yoga Studio, 323 ½ Main Street, 952-261-5178
Integrated Wellness Center, 6415 West River Road Northwest, Rochester, MN 55901



Sometimes a massage helps to work out problems with your muscles. So, if you have pain or aches in your muscles that just won’t go away, you might want to schedule an appointment with one of these local options.

Healing Hands Massage and Wellness PLLC, 460 Guernsey Lane, 651-380-4020

Body Kneads Massage and Wellness Center, 416 West 3rd Street, 651-267-0118

Body Healing Power, 316 Bush Street, 651-401-6131

SWAT: Salon with a Twist, 1603 Old West Main Street, 651-327-2100