What to do

Need to know what to do in Red Wing this winter? If so, check out these fun activities for every age, ability, schedule, and budget.

Use the filter below to pick a season. After that, scroll to find things you might like to try. If you’re used to walking, try hiking a route, or maybe taking a bicycle. After all, there are plenty of things to do in beautiful Red Wing!  Do you want to get active right away? If so, check out the walk or hike, or fall activities tabs. Also, if you are looking for paved paths, click on roll. Another option is to play in the park with the kids? Maybe you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous? If so, try check out the Environmental Learning Center’s rock climbing on our video page, or check out Frontenac State Park.


Did you know?

  • Memorial Park is a premier recreation destination in Red Wing, no matter the season.
  • As a result of our mini-grant program, LHRW helped repair cross country skis and snowshoes for Twin Bluff Middle School. Due to this support, kids will be able to stay active outdoors all year long!
  • There are 39 public parks in Red Wing. So, find the one closest to you!

Still not sure what to explore? Try searching ‘Winter’ activities below!

what to do in red wing

Here in Red Wing, we have many things to do for all ages. However, with so many options it can be hard to pick one thing! You can talk a short walk, a long hike, or an afternoon paddle through the Mississippi River backwaters. So, check out our favorite ways to get active and explore Red Wing, Minnesota.


While Red Wing has many fantastic walks, our favorite is heading downtown. Red Wing has one of the best downtowns in Minnesota, because of our historic buildings, great businesses, and great places to walk. So, why not spend an afternoon off exploring the lively businesses and stunning scenery? Finally, finish the day off by popping into Mandy’s for a coffee or hot tea.


Looking to raise your heart rate? Maybe you want to absorb all the nearby nature too. If so, explore Red Wing’s hiking routes. During the springtime, the weather’s getting better, so it’s the perfect time to check out the city overlook hike. While you’re there, make sure to find new areas of the city you’d like to explore. Afterwards, check out our walking maps to chart your next adventure.


get involved

Finally, get involved with a few of our favorite local groups for kids. If you’re looking to connect your kids to the outdoors, check out the ELC. They’ve been inspiring kids to grow into confident adults for decades. The ELC offers a program that matches each child’s ability and age. For example, kids start learning the basics of camping before going on week-long backpack trips. As they grows and learn more, they are given more skills to try. In fact, students who graduate from this program often cite the ELC for their perseverance for challenges like college and beyond. If you’re looking for the whole family, try the local YMCA. The YMCA offers tons of classes, lessons, and opportunities to get healthy. So, the YMCA has something for you, from swimming to rock climbing, and everything in-between. Furthermore, you’ll connect with your neighbors and meet an active community that calls the Y home.