give your student a brain boost

Recent studies show that by getting active before school, a student’s concentration improves, leading to better behavior–and grades–in the classroom. Check out how Live Healthy’s partnerships can help your son or daughter get active before class and give them an academic edge all morning long.

If you’re looking for walking routes near some of our local schools, check out the Twin Bluff and Sunnyside and High School and MSC-Southeast walking maps.

Walk to School MAPS

In Red Wing, lots of students walk and bike to and from their schools, and every principal encourages it. Our maps below, show how long it takes to walk and bike from key locations, timed for each age group and school.

To parent drivers: Consider dropping your child off early at one of the nearby neighborhoods. It decreases traffic around schools, saves you time, and gets students active so they focus better in the classroom.

Bus Stop and Walk Fridays!

Most Fridays in fall and spring, Sunnyside, Burnside, and Twin Bluff school buses drop students off at a safe, designated location so they can walk (or roll) the last 10 minutes to school together with friends and teachers. The 2017-18 academic year is the third full year of this program, and teachers and students agree it's a fun, positive start to their Fridays. Special Education students are included in this program. Questions? Call Elaine at 651-212-3038 or Jessica at 651-385-6174.