Argumentative Essay Topics For College

Looking for simple, effective essay subjects for college students? Need solid writing tips on how to begin this major project? Then, your best bet is to look at the most compelling essay subject for the faculty to review – and choose! That’s why you need to learn about the most compelling essay topic for the college level – one that your classmates and professors will appreciate. Below are several topic suggestions for you to mull over.

One of the most popular argumentative topics for college-level essays is the personal essay. Personal essays are written about one’s self, usually exploring some facet of your life or interests. Some of the more interesting personal essays deal with a personality disorder, coming to terms with a recent diagnosis, overcoming low self-esteem, or even a series of ups and downs in relationships. Personal essays are great ways to express yourself through words. And when you can show that you’ve done the research on a particular topic, you’ll have the edge on your classmates.

Another one of the best argumentative essay topics for college-level essays is an examination of a controversial issue. You could choose between the pros and cons of vaccines, for example. You could even argue one side or the other. If you can develop a clear point that you base on substantial facts and research, then you’re on your way.

But these aren’t the only good argumentative essay topics for college. There are plenty of other essay subjects that you can work on if you’re looking for something challenging. For instance, you could try to expound on the differences between two seemingly similar ideas, like comparing male and female brains. Or you could point out how the Bible is the ultimate inerrant text, with no mistake made by God. Or how evolution contradicts the Bible. It’s all up to you.

One of the most popular argumentative essay topics for college students is the issue of teen-agers and their growing violence. Most of the time, when you have a student-athlete write about this subject, they are worried about their school’s reputation. One thing that often gets brought up in this debate is the idea that athletes are becoming more violent. After all, most athletes have to do well in sports to be able to pay the bills and buy a car. With that in mind, many are wondering how the incidents of teen violence on campus have become such a problem in recent years.

In one of my classes, I have several students who come to discuss social media. They are mostly upset about the way social media is changing the way that they interact with others. Some have even lost their jobs because they talked on or off about certain issues on social media. I give my students easy argumentative essay topics for college for them to discuss because they can use these examples to show that most of their arguments are valid.

Another one of the best argumentative essay topics for college involves students using poetry. Students love to express their thoughts in this way, especially those poems that are written in verse form. My students spend a lot of time critiquing poets from ancient times through the ages. They can show that some poets wrote about topics that are very relevant to today’s society. I also give them brief explanations about why the poems are relevant and why they should read as poetry instead of just a common-place poem. That way, the student will know why he or she is writing the essay and how it should be written.


The last of the four argumentative essay topics for college is argumentative essay topics for high school. Students will find that this is a really good way to learn about different topics. There will be some topics that they will already know a lot about but there will be some new ones that they will not be aware of. Therefore, I make sure that my students take notes throughout the assignment process so that they do not forget anything important. After all, it is the basis of their high school studies. These four topics are ones that I recommend for students who want to write good argumentative essays.

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