Take a Walk TODAY!

One minute of walking adds
1.5 to 2 minutes to your life!


Seven maps. 42 routes. Where will YOU go? Click Neighborhood Maps to find a map in your area, then start your spring walking!




Open your front door and WALK

HIKE THE BLUFFS! All you need is 30 minutes to hike one of the access trails. Click below to find the trails nearest you. They're right outside your front door!


Memorial Park:  5 neighborhood access locations

       (link shows 5 maps with 20 different hikes)

Billings-Tomfohr Conservation Area on Coon Hill

               3 neighborhood access locations

Barn Bluff: Map is being redone; PLEASE remember the North Trail is CLOSED for safety


OR, walk the shorter bluff trails at these locations:

   * Sand Hill (Grace & Kingman or top of West Ave.)

   * Oakwood Cemetery (inside gates - East Ave.)

   * Historical Society (Oak St. or W. 4th St. steps)


WATCH our Live Healthy RW video to see all of YOU

working together to make our town healthier.



Walking to School


PARENTS: Are you tired of the drop-off traffic? Drop your child off and/or pick him or her up at a spot 5 or 10 minutes away from school. It saves time, gives your child independence and fresh air, and lessens traffic around the school building. It works for ANY school in Red Wing!


Check out our Walk and Bike to School Maps (below or at your child's school office).


Sunnyside Elementary

Burnside School

Twin Bluff Middle School


Questions, comments, or suggestions?

Email us at walkbikeredwing@gmail.com




Sunnyside Sneakers!

Here's one special morning last spring where EVERY bussed student
got to walk to school. Thanks, Sunnyside!


Sunnyside School and LHRW held a special Sunnyside Sneakers event May 9, 2014. All busses dropped children at the Athletic Field parking lot one-third mile away. Teachers, staff, fire fighters, Sparky the mascot, and the police chief all walked to school together. Volunteers also greeted regular walkers or families who drive and drop-off at intersections near the school. A great morning of walking for almost every one of Sunnyside's 500 students!




Sunnyside and Twin Bluff Walk and Roll to School maps are here! Each tells distance and number of minutes to walk and bike to school from various intersections. All students receive one. Even if you drive, consider dropping your student off a few blocks away and let them walk/bike the rest of the way! It's just one great way to get kids active before and after school.




Spring-summer 2014 neighborhood walks have begun! Our first walk in the Old Fairgrounds neighborhood drew more than 50 people of all ages. We met at Buchanan's (thanks to owner Kevin Florine for the free water). Some folks learned this: Only six minutes from Buchanan's to the Brewery -- just take the stairs and tunnel!




The Memorial Park kiosks are now almost finished! New maps show all the trails and paths for hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Plus, beautiful panels are up with the history of Memorial Park and the area, along with details about the bluff's wildlife and plants. You'll find multiple kiosks with different photos and information at each quarry and numerous other spots around the park. Go check them out for yourself!




Earth Day 2014 was a great success! Hundreds of high school students spent April 25th cleaning up Red Wing's parks, trails, gardens, and green spaces. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a wonderful day. We even had some sunshine!




You can help make Red Wing's streets and sidwalks safer for everyone. Soon we'll have online surveys and web sites regarding proposed streetscape design ideas. Say yes to sidewalk bump-outs, street medians, wide crosswalks, and HAWK mid-street crossings so we have a new Main Street corridor that's safe and attractive for walking and biking.



Friends of the Bluffs

Got 2 minutes? Watch this video.

You can't help but be thankful and inspired by our bluffs.

Then click here and join Friends of the Bluffs to keep our bluff trails beautiful!

Friends of the Bluffs is a new 501(c)(3) organization formed to increase the enjoyment, promotion, and stewardship of Red Wing's bluffs.

Click www.redwingbluffs.org for the web site.

Click here to connect to the Facebook page.

Click here to see the inspiring video.

Check out the web site and join today!

Membership Levels:
Friend: $20
Enthusiast: $50
Steward: $100 and up


Use this App to Keep Up our Parks, Trails, and WalkwaysYourGov App

Report downed trees, washed out trails, vandalism, and other issues quickly and immediately. Download the free mobile app YourGOV (for both Android and Apple users). It's an easy way to let the City of Red Wing Parks Department know what needs attention.

CLICK HERE for details.


Enjoy these outdoor walks

Warm weather is here! Try these paved routes all around town.

3rd and 4th Streets to Buchanan's Neighborhood Loop 2.7 miles, fairly flat

Athletic Field Loop 1.4 miles, one large hill

Red Wing Golf Club Loop 2.7 miles, vigorous walk with hills & no shortcuts

Colvill Park 1 mile, flat

Hallstrom-Twin Bluff Neighborhood Loop 1.75 miles, flat

Pioneer-Hallquist Neighborhood Loop 1.45 miles, hilly

Red Wing High School Loop 1 mile, flat

A.P. Anderson Park Loop 1.26 miles, flat

Technology Drive Walk 2.6 miles (past Fairview, Menards, Walmart)


Practice the 10-3 Rule

Move 10 MINUTES a day THREE times a day.

By walking briskly a total of 30 minutes daily, you're on your way to better health. Do it in small doses and you can fit it into any busy schedule. Take 10 minutes at lunch, after work, and after dinner. Try it for seven days this week and feel the difference!


Take a Historic Walking Tour

Our cooler temps and turning leaves make this week the perfect time for a historic walk around pretty Red Wing. Whether you're a visitor or life-long resident, you'll discover something new. Click here for a pamphlet that guides you on three historic walks near downtown. Learn about Red Wing's stories, architecture, and characters from the past.

Afterward, venture to 7th and Bluff Streets, turn right up to 8th, and meander up the Cow Path to the top of Sorin's Bluff. It's one of Red Wing's best-kept secrets ... enjoy!