Our Projects

Red Wing 2040 2017-18

Live Healthy Red Wing is partnering with the City of Red Wing to work with residents and create a new Community Plan (the last was completed in 2007). The plan sets a vision and action plans for the future. The almost 2-year project looks at where Red Wing is today, finds out where we want to be in 2040, and plans how we're going to get there. The first step is creating the first Red Wing Report Card to understand our community better. Next is listening to residents, including those who are usually under-represented. For more details on the project, visit www.red-wing.org/red-wing-2040.

Latino Leadership Training 2016-18

Getting more voices around a community's decision-making tables is important for building a healthy, inclusive city. In 2016, Hispanic Outreach and Live Healthy Red Wing teamed up to hold a 2-day leadership training for 14 Latino residents. We're now working together to conduct a locally focused Hispanic community survey and additional leadership training so more people in Red Wing get opportunities to lead and inform the decisions that affect them.

Health, Equity and Excellence in All Policies 2016-18

Live Healthy Red Wing is working with the City of Red Wing to implement a Health, Equity and Excellence in All Policies framework into the way the City develops policies, projects, and procedures. This way of reviewing and developing policies calls for listening to residents before and during policy development; understanding early on who benefits and who is burdened, and mitigating any negative or unintended consequences of a project or policy.

Healthy Food for Kids

Live Healthy Red Wing is a partner in the Hunger Free Kids Network of Every Hand Joined. Together, we work on increasing the number of students eating healthy school breakfasts during the school year and improving the free Summer Lunch Program during the summer months.


Placemaking brings residents together to dream up what a space could look and feel like before it's redesigned permanently. (It's sometimes called "demonstration projects.") Last year, LHRW spruced up Jordan Court for two days with a community art project, live music, a drum circle, history session, and temporary extended crosswalk for more safety. Many people answered "What would YOU like to see in this space?" We took those answers to the City Planning Department, and many ideas will be incorporated into the 2019 redesign of Jordan Court.

Bus Stop and Walk

Every Friday in fall and spring, all 1,000+ Red Wing students in grades K-7 who ride the school bus are dropped off early so they can walk the last 10 to 15 minutes to school with friends and teachers. Burnside principal Sheila Beckner says, "Walking as a school community is the perfect way to start our Fridays. Our kids love it, and some teachers say their students are more focused after Bus Stop and Walk--kids are more ready to start the school day right."

Neighborhood Maps and Walks

Explore with one of our Neighborhood Walking Maps. Learn routes with secret spots along the way. Maps tell you how far the routes are and how long it takes at both a brisk and relaxed pace. Print one from the link below or find them at numerous businesses and facilities around town.

Memorial Park Renovation

Memorial Park is a 284-acre bluff-top park that's been transformed into a playground for all of Red Wing. Thanks to many partners with Live Healthy Red Wing, including the Red Wing Area Fund, City of Red Wing, Friends of the Bluffs, and hundreds of volunteers, people now flock here to walk, hike, mountain bike, snowshoe, cross country ski, have bonfires, bird watch, go geocaching, and picnic -- all with gorgeous views of the Mississippi River and our city. Trails weave through woods, prairies, and overlooks. Come visit!

Renovating Neighborhood Trails

LHRW tackled our almost-forgotten urban trails by upgrading the paths, adding signage, and getting the word out so locals and visitors can enjoy these natural retreats that lie right in our own neighborhoods. Today, almost 75% of Red Wing residents live within a 10 minute walk to a nature trail. Thanks to all the volunteers and partners who continue to make our trails beautiful.

His Kids Daycare Edible Garden

On the school district’s Day of Caring and Sharing 2012, LHRW, the His Kids Daycare staff, and a handful of dedicated high school students built three raised beds and a trellis garden for tomatoes, peas, squash, pumpkins, and flowers. Today the garden is growing strong. “Some of our children never knew where vegetables came from," says director Sheri Lidgerding. "Our garden continues to grow and gives our kids the chance to work together, see things grow, and taste the rewards. Green beans are a favorite!”

Peach Tree Daycare Edible Garden

LHRW teamed up with local high school students during the district’s Day of Caring and Sharing to build four raised beds on a neglected corner outside Peachtree Daycare’s entrance at the Y. Now that busy but protected corner at Main Street and Broad is filled with herbs, tomatoes, and other edibles. Thanks to Minnesota Extension for the first plants, and to the Peachtree staff for continuing the work with their students. The garden is beautiful year after year!