Play in the Yard

Red Wing students told us these are some favorites. What else would you add to this list?

Build forts * Climb rocks * Jump in puddles* Dig holes * Run through the sprinkler * Whittle sticks * Balance on logs * Swing on vines in the woods * Swim * Play night games with neighbors * Read books in the shade * Go fishing * Skip rocks in the river * Ride bikes * Play baseball at the park * Swing * Make a slingshot * Make a camp fire * Float leaves in the water after a rain * Chase birds * Eat a picnic * Make a tree fort *  Play hopscotch * Camp in the back yard * Climb trees * Play never-ending-tag * Go for walks with the dog * Jump rope * Draw with sidewalk chalk * Hula-hoop * Have a lemonade stand * Hike a trail * Play at the park * Build a boat for bugs * Jump on a pogo stick * Cook outdoors * Look for flowers * Make mud balls